PODCASTS: The Tim Ferriss Show

PODCASTS: The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show is the number 1 business podcast on iTunes. Tim started the podcast after the huge success of Four Hour Work Week  and Four Hour Body as an experiment. It quickly garnered success and attracts millions of listeners with guests ranging from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Edward Norton, Shaun White, chess master Ed Cooke and many more.

His aim is to deconstruct excellence by interviewing top achievers in all areas of life and work. The interviews are very in depth and provide wisdom, lessons learnt and ideas for you to improve your life.

The end of the interview usually includes some standard questions such as morning routines. These quick fire questions are great at revealing the secrets of the ultra successful. Want to be more successful? The greats say ‘get a mentor’. Well the Tim Ferriss Show will provide you with a steady stream of mentors you can learn and improve from.


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