FREE GUIDES: Overview of the Best Business Tools

FREE GUIDES: Overview of the Best Business Tools

There are so many amazing business tools available to make remote working super slick and organised. We have researched, tried and tested hundreds of apps and bring you the top pick for every area of business.

EMAIL – Gmail

Gmail is the most powerful cloud based internet provider there is and offers many integrations and supporting tools to boot. Your account is secure with google’s two factor authentication and links very seamlessly with their calendar, drive and tasks applications.

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  • PRICE: Free
  • TIPS:
    • Use filters to funnel certain message to certain folders
    • Use conversation mode to group emails into groups
    • Download gmail offline to be able to use when not connected
    • Set up any number of other emails to all operate though your gmail (see guide)

CALENDAR – Google Calendar

Google calendar seamlessly links with all the other Google tools, has a number of great phone and ipad apps and can be hooked up to any number of third party software.

  • PRICE: Free
  • TIPS:
    • Make different calendars for different areas of your life
    • Share calendar with family or parters for shared planning
    • Link with task apps to have time mannered tasks appear on your google calendar

CLOUD STORAGE – Google Drive

Cheapest and most functional cloud storage platform available.

  • PRICE: Free
  • TIPS:
    • Upgrade to 100GB – it only costs $2 per month
    • Link your music folder on Spotify or iTunes to Google Drive so your music is always safe
    • Share folders with relevant people
    • Use shareable links to share with people who don’t even use Google Drive

TASKS – Go Tasks

Simple and easy to use task management software with all the necessary features and integrations.

  • PRICE: Free
  • WEBSITE: Go Tasks
  • TIPS:
    • Sync with Google calendar

DOCUMENTS – Google Docs

Free word, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing and more software, all hosted on the cloud right in your Google Drive.

  • PRICE: Free
  • WEBSITE:  Google Docs
  • TIPS:
    • Colloborate with others on documents
    • Share information with view or review online online permissions

EMAIL MARKETING – Active Campaign

The cheapest and most flexible email marketing software available. Does everything and is so intuitive and easy to operate.

  • PRICE: From $9 per month
  • WEBSITE: Active Campaign
  • TIPS:
    • Use automations to design amazing campaigns
    • Link with landing page software like Instapage

E-COMMERCE – Shopify

The top choice for any e-commerce store. They have done all the hard work for you to make professional store design a breeze.

  • PRICE: From $29 per month
  • WEBSITE: Shopify
  • TIPS:
    • Integrate with Zapier to automate business functions and save lots of time
    • Link to Amazon and eBay stores using Joelister


Accounting made simple with Xero, plenty of simplification and automations to make accounting, actually quite fun.

  • PRICE: From $29 per month
  • WEBSITE: Xero
  • TIPS:
    • Link with your bank account to automatically import bank statements
    • Get automating with bank rules to make reconciling a speedy pleasure

LOGO & BRANDING – Design Crowd

Get a team of over a hundred designers working on your logo and brand and only pay when you are happy.

  • PRICE: From $49 per campaign
  • WEBSITE: Design Crowd
  • TIPS:
    • Have 100s of designers working for you sim
    • Don’t pay anything until you are happy


The best project management tool online by far. They have thought of everything without overcomplicating anything.

  • PRICE: From $25 per month (5 users)
  • TIPS:
    • Make different calendars for different areas of your life
    • Share calendar with family or parters for shared planning
    • Link with task apps to have time mannered tasks appear on your google calendar


Bring all your social media together with one dashboard of operations.

  • PRICE: From £29 per month
  • WEBSITE: Hootsuite
  • TIPS:
    • Automate lots of social media operations
    • Link accounts for further time saving
    • Manage all comments, mentions and feedback about your brand in one place.


Website builder with a difference. So many amazing themes and functions you can easily add to your site to have full control over your online empire.

  • PRICE: £19 per month +
  • WEBSITE: Square Space
  • TIPS:
    • Integrate with landing page software (Instapage)
    • Get your own custom domain
    • Integrate with your email marketing software (Active Campaign)


Quick and cheap website hosting with Bluehost is all you need to host all your sites in one convenient place.

  • PRICE: $10 per month upwards
  • WEBSITE: Bluehost
  • TIPS:
    • Use WordPress one-click install to make websites in minutes

LANDING PAGE – Instapage

Powerful landing page software with all the integrations you would every need.

  • PRICE: $29 upwards
  • WEBSITE: Instapage
  • TIPS:
    • Integrate with your email marketing software such as Active Campaign
    • Use split test campaigns to see what pages or tweaks are more effective
    • Use the mobile version to create a more dynamic design for phone users


Thousands of ready made website themes, ready to be taken off the shelf and plugged into the platform of your choice such as WordPress.

  • PRICE: Variable
  • WEBSITE: Theme Forest
  • TIPS:
    • Get landing page themes for your new startup
    • Shopify themes for your e-commerce project
    • WordPress paid and free themes enabling you to have a slick website in a matter of minutes


Zapier is the ultimate business automation tool, think hundreds of applications and processes all in from different software communicating to each other based on the rules you set.

  • PRICE: Free to start – pricing plans variable
  • WEBSITE: Zapier
  • TIPS:
    • Explore popular zap recipes to get some ideas
    • Map out your online business by processes then see what zapier can replace to save time


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