FREE GUIDES: Using Zapier to Automate Your Business

FREE GUIDES: Using Zapier to Automate Your Business

Time is the one resource we cannot get back. Everyone, no matter how healthy or rich, has the same amount as everyone else. You could say it is the most valuable resource known to man, which is why we are in love with Zapier.

It is a simple service with very powerful benefits. You can connects hundreds of different applications together with pre-determined criteria to automate actions.

Think connecting social media tools and mirroring posts from one platform to any number of other platforms.  Connect google tools and and send certain emails to be saved on a google spreadsheet. Have a new customer automatically be added to another sales funnel and schedule a personal email response follow up 6 days later.

The options are endless, with over 1000+ apps and multiple actions to match up, there are literally millions of recipes, or ‘zaps’, to automate all those little actions you repeat to save time, or to take your business, engagement, customer service and profits up several levels.

Business is about the 3 P’s; people, product and processes. Processes are the one thing that let physical and online businesses down, especially as they grow and change. You need to look at your business as a big map of processes, break everything down and use Zapier to automate as much of that as possible.

How much does Zapier cost?

  • Free to get started and experiment with up to 5 zaps per month and 100 tasks
  • $20pm – 20 zaps & 3,000 tasks (enough for most small businesses)
  • $50pm – 50 zaps & 15,000 tasks
  • $75pm – 75 zaps & 20,000 tasks
  • £125pm – Unlimited zaps & 50,000 tasks

See Zapier full pricing here.

How to get started with Zapier?

In this example we will connect wordpress to twitter. Meaning that if we post a new article on this wordpress website, zapier will automatically zap the post into a new tweet on our twitter page.

  1. Go to and make a account
  2. To make your first zap, click MAKE A ZAP in the top right hand corner
  3. Name your Zap
  4. Choose your TRIGGER app
  5. Click CONNECT YOUR ACCOUNT to give Zapier access permission to wordpress
  6. Choose your trigger action, we choose NEW POST PUBLISHED
  7. Test the step to make sure all connected and select a recent post
  8. Choose ACTION app, in this case twitter
  9. Create tweet, you can select smart links to pull in the title and link and then add your own text and #hashtags
  10. Test the Zap
  11. Complete the Zap and turn it on

We now save several minutes when a new article is published on this site by not having to manually go to twitter, copy the link and write the text and hashtags out. Multiply this by linking to facebook and other accounts and you can quickly see how powerful and time saving Zapier is.

See all the integrations for Zapier here and see their app directory here.


  1. Map out your business in terms of applications and processes
  2. Find all the processes that can be automated using Zapier.
  3. Make a few zaps to get familiar with the software
  4. Explore the apps and integrations to generate more business optimisation ideas
  5. You should mature to a paid account which for $20pm and many hours saved doing boring repetitive tasks easily pays for itself.


Michael Todd

I run Nonconformity University and Lifemaster

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