PRODUCTS: Wim Hof Method

PRODUCTS: Wim Hof Method

Change your life with the Wim Hof Method from the amazing Wim Hof. The Wim Hof Method is a 10 week video course allowing you to mirror the sense defying skills of Wim Hof. The course is about going back to basics and harnessing the inner power we all have but have accidentally trained ourself out of in the modern world.

The course promises to turn you into super versions of yourself in just 10 weeks or your money back. The support is continual as you get to join a private community of like minded individuals to accelerate your success.

Techniques used in the course have been used by elite sportsmen, professionals and many people with incurable injuries or disabilities to great effect.

Thank you Wim Hof for sharing your knowledge and inspiration with the people. After 8 months of daily hoffing, puffing and cold showers (WHM) I can claim to be cured of my burnout which lasted for over 5 years, not having had a single cold or flu, my soar knee is working perfectly again which was very painful the last 2 years, My neck muscles are so much more relaxed and I have a lot more energy. It is like a miracle and I’m really grateful that our paths crossed.Staff and All people working the method and making the difference. Be happy!”

Gregor M

Course Contents


  • How to Train your cardio vascular system for better blood flow and circulation
  • How to Use the power of cold water to maximize your energy levels
  • How to Lower your heart rate, banish stress, and feel more relaxed
  • How to Build courage as you embrace and overcome fear of the unknown
  • How to Get rid of cold hands and feet
  • How to Experience deeper, higher quality sleep at night & awaken full of energy
  • How to Boost your immune system, feel stronger, and become an enhanced version of yourself


  • How to Reach profound levels of relaxation and piece of mind
  • How to Feel energized and full of life within minutes
  • How to Boost your body’s alkalinity and reduce inflammation for super fast recovery
  • How to Release natures own “Prozac” AKA “happy hormones” through deep breath
  • How to Experience deep meditative states of mind quickly and easily
  • How to Get rid of stress and relieve worries


  • How to Get a flexible, lean, and strong body
  • How to Optimize the blood flow throughout
    your muscles and joints
  • How to Improve flexibility, strength, balance and posture
  • Learn specialized exercises to “hack your body” for deep inner and outer physical, mental, and emotional growth
  • How to Activate the body to free the mind and experience deep inner peace
  • How to Get rid of physical blockages that may have been draining your energy and causing sickness


  • Exclusive membership to private Facebook group for ongoing support
  • Free $15 ebook – Becoming the Ice Man


Nonconformists expand their minds by trying new things, experimenting and continually learning.

Begin the course here and now 

Michael Todd

I run Nonconformity University and Lifemaster

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