Allen Walton

Allen Walton

Allen Walton is the founder of SpyGuy, a multi-million dollar e-commerce business that’s helping people feel safer, savvier, and James Bond-ier. As is the case for most successful entrepreneurs, Allen’s journey in e-commerce is full of unexpected twists and big wins.

  • NATIONALITY: American
  • SUMMARY: The Creator of Spyguy

“The only thing I can really remember wanting to be was a rock star. I guess that could be considered a sort of entrepreneur, though. That opportunity was sort of squandered through a combination of World of Warcraft and not practicing. The whole thing started a couple years after high school at this pancake place in Dallas – there was a security store next to it, and they had a help wanted sign. My mom made me apply, and I ended up getting the job. I learned a lot about the industry, sales, and inventory management. They had several locations in the area, and over time I ended up running one of the stores by myself. One of my customers was this notorious reality TV show called ‘Cheaters’. After 2 years of working at the security store, Cheaters hired me to start an online spy shop for them.  I learned a ton about ecommerce while I was there, which was about 3 years. I had a falling out with the owner, so I quit and took some time off before coming up with SpyGuy.”



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