Johnny FD

Johnny FD

“In 2006 I discovered the self help scene which ultimately lead me to the 4-Hour Workweek and gave me the courage to move to Thailand in 2008 and pursue my first ever real passion, which was scuba diving.”

  • NATIONALITY: American
  • SUMMARY: From a normal day to day job to travelling the world and writing about it! He now has many avenues of revenue coming through online ventures.
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“In 2008 I quit my well paid corporate job in California to move to Thailand to follow my passions and work as a Scuba Diver around the world. It was in Thailand that I spent the next 3 years training professionally as a Muay Thai Fighter and fighting professionally. In 2013 I started my first online business through publishing a book on Amazon Kindle, then replaced my 9-5 income by starting a Dropshipping store which I later sold for $60k which I invested into growing passive income.”

“Since then I have generated well over a million dollars in online business and have sold three more stores since then. I’ve been earning over six figures ($150,000 or more) each year while traveling the world and have visited over 50 countries.  Now I spend my time traveling the world as a digital nomad, living off of and creating new streams of passive income, investing, and giving back by hosting the annual Nomad Summit conference. It’s been 10 years since I started traveling and living the dream and i’ve documented the entire journey so you can follow along and do it yourself as well!”




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I run Nonconformity University and Lifemaster

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