Rachel and Chris

Rachel and Chris

“We understand that there is a whole lot of people out there who want to travel, explore the world and have all sorts of adventures. Some people believe they will have to wait until they are ready to retire and spend their kids inheritance to do all the things they want to do.”

Chris took the route that is common for young Australians. He finished school, went to university and backpacked for 3 years around Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Scandinavia. He visited 21 countries and worked numerous jobs such as bartender, dish hand, landscape gardener, labourer and camp site attendant to pay his way. He hitchhiked across Europe, caught trains and flew from one place to another. He even found some work labouring on a 90-foot sailing boat in Turkey and then got a free ride across the Mediterranean to Spain! He met lots of people, some of whom he still is in contact with today 25 years later.

Chris then returned to Australia where he set up family life, got a good 9 til 5 job, bought a house and raised children with his long term partner for almost 20 years. After the relationship ended Chris searched for ways that he could travel again and see all the places that he had missed on his first trip.

While he was doing that Rachael was doing her own searching. Rachael did things very differently to Chris but still had a longing for long term travel. After school, Rachael and her partner had three children while in their early twenties. After completing a university degree while working full time and raising three children as a single parent in her early thirties, Rachael was able to take her children on an amazing trip to Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. It was only just over three weeks, but the impact on the family was immediate and absolute. The children realised how blessed their lives were and made a commitment to travel further when given the opportunity.

For Rachael, the real change happened when on her first day back at work she was sitting in a very important policy meeting and her mind kept drifting; to not just the trip she had just been on, but what her journey would be in the future. All the business and corporate stuff she had worked towards for so long all seemed so unimportant, and it was in that meeting she decided she had to find a way to fulfill her wanderlust. It was another meeting only four weeks later that would change the lives of both Rachael and Chris. The night of their first meeting at a concert for the band called the Choir Boys. Afterwards they sat and talked for hours about their similar hopes for travel and how to achieve it. Within weeks Chris and Rachael decided this was a journey they wanted to take together and they set to work on how to achieve it.

Within six weeks Rachael quit her job to start her own online business, and a couple months later Chris quit his job to help out.

What came next was one adventure after another while planning for the day they left Australia for long term travelling and exploring of the world.

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