BLUEPRINTS: Usability Testing

BLUEPRINTS: Usability Testing

It’s not gonna make you millions, and it’s not gonna be a lifestyle funding business, but a great way to earn a bit of extra cash on the side is usability testing. This is essentially website and application testing, and there are many great sites you can do this through.

Having an optimised interface is very important to companies because if the website or app isn’t easy to use, they will lose visitors. Losing visitors means losing a good amount of potential revenue and no one wants that. That’s why companies conduct usability testing to test out their systems for any flaws, bugs or shortcomings that might affect the overall outlook of their service.

There are a lot of companies that pay the public to test out their software. Yes, users actually earn money to find flaws in the websites and apps. Sounds good right? The best part is that you don’t have to be a techie to become a website tester. The only thing you need to be good at is speaking fluent English (to understand the text) and know how to navigate websites.

Here is a list of 10 of the most popular testing websites. There are a huge number out there, but having used all of these myself so I can be sure of their quality. They will not offer you endless tests, but if you sign up to a number of them you can make a good bit extra in your spare time.


To become a tester apply HERE. After applying, UserTesting will ask you to download their recording software. This software records your screen actions and your voice. That’s how you explain problems you might find while testing. Once that’s done, you will take a sample test, like an audition to apply for testing websites. If your sample test is approved, you can start testing immediately.

Payment Details

Users are paid through PayPal. Each test pays around $3-$10 depending on the duration of the test. Most test take 10 to 20 mins to complete. UserTesting is open to all local and international people.


Become a website tester on Userlytics by applying HERE. Userlytics allows its users to test websites from many different regions like Southeast Asia, SA, China, Japan, along with Europe and North America. After receiving an invitation to try out a test, you can download their recording software. Testing tasks usually take 20-40 mins. Whats interesting about this platform is that there is no initial test users need to take to become a tester.


Userlytics pays its users through PayPal. The testers get paid anything between $10-$20 depending on the complexity of the test.


To become a tester, the user needs to be at least 18 years of age. After registering yourself HERE , you have to fill up a demographics questionnaire. After completing it you will have to perform a qualifications test. Before starting the test, download the screen recording application. The download link will be provided. After taking the test the company will get back to you in 24 hours to let you know if your application has been approved or not.


TryMyUI pays its testers through PayPal. The standard fee to complete one test is $10. Users from all countries can apply to become a tester.

Enroll App

Enroll app is a pretty simple testing platform that you can use on any device e.g Tablet or phone. To register yourself click HERE. Once that’s done, you’ll be taken to the dashboard where you will answer some questions and take sample tests. The app will notify you through email or text if any test comes up.  Enroll apps allows its testers to test websites without having to record their sessions like other companies. Testers simply have to check the website for what is required and answer questions that the clients ask.


Enroll App pays its tester through PayPal. Testers get paid in between $0.10-$1.5 for each test. Such tests take 5 to 10 mins to complete.


Become a website tester in 3 easy steps. First users sign up with their email HERE, next you download their screen recording software and finally you submit a sample review that tests your audio and observation. Once your sample review gets approved, you can immediately start working on paid tests. You will receive your tests through e-mail. UserTest hires testers from all over the world that have PayPal accounts.


UserTest pays its users through PayPal. Average tests are 20 minutes long. UserTest pays its testers a standard fee of $10 and you’ll receive payment within 2 days of the test taken.


UTest is a really good platform for freelance software testing. To become a tester, sign up HERE. Whats great about this platform is that if you speak other languages aside from English, this gives you an advantage of being eligible to apply for more opportunities around the world. You have to be 18+ to become a tester. You test websites by filling up a survey to provide feedback.


UTest pays its testers through PayPal and Payoneer debit card. Testers earn pays ranging from $10-$50depending on the variety of tasks and the complexity of it.


Userfeel is another great platform for website testing. What’s great about this platform is that its multilingual, supporting over 40 languages. This means you can test websites and apps in your own languages. It all depends on what languages you have put on your profile. To become a tester, register for an account HERE and take a sample test. After approval, you’ll start getting tests via e-mail.


Userfeel pays its testers though PayPal and Payoneer. Testers earn $10 for every test that they complete.


WhatUsersDo is another good website testing platform. You can become a tester in 3 easy steps. First you sign up HERE, download their screen recording application and take a practice test. If they approve your application you’ll receive an invitation every time a test is available via email. Users mostly get around 3-5 tests per month.


WhatUsersDo pays its testers through PayPal. Users get paid between $5-$12 per test taken. The payment is released 25th of every month.


You can apply to become a tester on Validately HERE. Once you register and fill out your basic demographic information you’ll start receiving emails offering tests. The tests will take 5 to 30 mins where you’ll record your feedback. Users have to be 18 above to work as a tester here.


Validately pays its testers through PayPal. Users will earn a fee of $5$10 per test. And for tests that require testers to share their screen with a moderator and have a live session of 30 mins will get paid a standard fee of $25.


This Swiss startup is another good website that hires website testers. To become a tester sign up HERE. Once your application is approved, you will start receiving tests.

via email. The good thing is there’s no additional software to download, the company uses Skype for their tests.


TestingTime pays its users through PayPal or Direct Deposit. The users are paid up to 50 Euro per test depending on the type and duration of the test.

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